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Food. You think it's just what goes into your body? Not anymore.

Logo4_300x134Today, food has become the focus for so much more: Metaphor for poets and scholars, symbol for social activists, target for politicians, springboard for cultural comment. The result? Uninformed news reporting. Shrill political rhetoric. Defensive bickering. Misappropriation of science. Downright silliness.


The answer? Truth in Food.

Truth in Food traverses the entire food chain, traveling the long and winding road from conception to consumption armed with the farmer's natural skepticism and the scholar's thirst for knowledge, the mechanic's understanding of nuts and bolts and the philosopher's impulse toward the sublime, all blended with insight, scholarship, thought and good old fashioned humor.

Whether you’re after food for thought, food for the soul, food for love...or just plain-old food, visit Truth in Food to weed away the brush and let the sun shine down. Discover what's really happening in the food-chain, what goes into your food (and doesn't) and what goes on to get food to you.


Truth in Food. A recommended daily allowance



Reader Comments

  • I say that you need to open your bible again and read Exodus, where God gives the 10 Commandments and then to John. The tenth Commandments "thou shalt no covet is ONE commandment, NOT 2!!!! 13 Thou sh... More...
  • Leave the animals ALONE. Quit torturing them and murdering them so that you can become unhealthy. Leave the animals ALONE! You say they can attend to their "farms" in "pride". Yeah, pride. Killing and... More...
  • To those ethically void individuals that state what a person does with his/her animal is their business MORONS THE LINK BETWEEN THOSE WHO ABUSE ANIMALS AND THOSE WHO ABUSE PEOPLE IS UNDENIABLE THAT IS... More...
  • There are 20 different amino acids in the food we eat, but our body can only make 11 of them. The nine essential amino acids, which cannot be produced by the body, must be obtained from the diet. A va... More...
  • Dave -- You miss the point ! You say, "We are omnivorous an need an animal protein diet to live a healthy life ". I say, WHY were we so made ? ? ? . The Creator had full control and had the option to ... More...


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