Friday 24th of June 2016

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  • The 10 Reasons They Hate You

    Why can't we all just get along? Mike Smith sifts through the new-age philosophy behind today’s resentment toward Big Farming. Read full story.

  • Thou Shalt Not Kill (Animals)?

    Is this a blanket condemnation of food-animal production? Read full story.

  • The Horror Show that Won't Die

    Food Inc. follows in the footsteps of other modern campy horror flicks: Splashy, escapist and horrifying for all the wrong reasons. Read the full story.

  • Earth is Great; Earth is Good. Let us Thank Her for our Food

    Here’s why the faithful should shun the Church of the Divine Palate. Read the full story.

  • The New Food Puritans

    Why moralizing about food choices has replaced moralizing about sexual choices: A Truth in Food conversation with author Mary Eberstadt. Listen to the interview.

  • Where Have You Gone, Moral Champion?

    Our food chain turns its lonely eyes to HSUS. Here’s why agriculture must reclaim its moral birthright, starting now. Read the full story.

  • Give Me My Butterfinger, or Give Me Death?

    Will conceding government's role in telling food retailers how to market and sell junkfood put us on a slippery slope to freedom lost? Read the full story.

Farm Aid Chases Down the PC Food System Print E-mail

How an Aging Rock-Star Caravan to Fund Family Farmers Has Deteriorated into a Home for New Age Food-System Discontent

Farm Aid limps into Kansas City this weekend, August 13, billing the 26th anniversary annual concert as a benefit for America’s “family farmers.” But this careful analysis of the language underlying the concert's promotion by Kevin Murphy and Mike Smith demonstrates that a funny thing happened along the way to agricultural utopia. How the aging farm-financing palooza has become a warm up act for the progressive politics of the Good Food Movement. A Truth in Food audio exclusive.

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0 #1 Sharon Zecchinelli 2011-08-15 11:48
Do ya think??? Shoots, I was sounding the alarm about this 4 years ago when I went to Farm Aid to get their attention about NAIS. No one would listen to me there, and no one would listen to me when I was ringing the bell. Oh well, waking up sometime is better than never waking up.
It was then that I came to the stark realization that no farm organization is really about helping the farms or the farmers. The mission is solely about keeping the organization going. What makes them look good? What brings in the most money? Oops, sounds like politics as usual, what?

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