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Action Alert: An Open Letter to Hyatt Regency and Truth in Food Readers Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   

Hyatt may want to Thoughtfully ReconsiderOn Aug. 2, I shared with you my personal experience of having been exposed to the Hyatt Regency’s Food Thoughtfully Sourced and Carefully Served campaign. I contended Hyatt Regency’s marketing efforts were highly flawed and downright dishonest. Here's how Susan Santiago, vice president of food and beverage for the global hotel and resort chain, answered my inquiry:

Has Hyatt Simply Dressed Up Chipotle's Message with White Tablecloths? Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   

Is Food Thoughtfully Sourced an extension of Food With Integrity?

Thoughtless food need not applyThis year the American Dairy Science Association and American Society of Animal Scientists added a unique component to their joint meeting, one that has been sorely lacking from past agendas and one ASAS President James Sartin and ADSA President Ken McGuffey labeled a “new and emerging topic:” bioethics -- the field of study concerned with ethical behavior within our life sciences.

Click here to add your name to the list of those urging Hyatt to Thoughtfully Reconsider its marketing campaign.

For several years now I have been warning the agricultural community of the swift and unfettered advancement of the Food Morality Movement. This movement condemns agriculture and challenges it to explain its behavior based on the grounds of religion, ethics and morality.

Richard Reynnells, former national program lead for the United States Department of Agriculture, extended a kind invitation to have me speak at the 2013 meeting after reading Where Have You Gone Moral Champion? a story exposing the weakness of agriculture’s over-reliance on science alone as a defense to a moral inquiry.

Give Me My Butterfinger, Or Give Me Death? Print E-mail
Written by Mike Smith   

Should the government be dictating candy placement to control obesity?

Photo: Anthony Easton/Flickr

Will conceding government's role in telling food retailers how to market and sell junkfood put us on a slippery slope to freedom lost?

Where Have You Gone, Moral Champion? Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy with Mike Smith   

Where has the moral farmer gone?


Our food chain turns its lonely eyes to HSUS, as modern American agriculture shies from its birthright of moral authority. Here’s why agriculture must reclaim it, starting now.

No Such Thing as a Free (Market) Lunch? Print E-mail

On the contrary, argues the author of Money, Greed and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem. Capitalism is the last, best hope to save the planet and feed it at the same time

Farm Aid Chases Down the PC Food System Print E-mail

How an Aging Rock-Star Caravan to Fund Family Farmers Has Deteriorated into a Home for New Age Food-System Discontent

Earth is Great; Earth is Good. Let us Thank Her for our Food Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   

Churches flirting with the fashionable righteousness of Earth Day foodie-ism are entertaining a false prophet. Here’s why the faithful should shun the Church of the Divine Palate.

Working on the Chain, Gang Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   


Direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns to enhance the farmer’s image will ultimately fail.
Here’s why, and a better way forward

True stories:

  • ewwAfter passing a half-dozen too many times beneath the 4-foot-tall red-on-black banner that hangs over my favorite local grocer’s meatcase – OUR BEEF CONTAINS NO CARBON MONOXIDE -- I finally ran down the store manager, a personal friend, and asked him what he thought he was really accomplishing. “Oh,” he looked up as if actually reading it for the first time, “we’re scaring our customers, aren’t we?”

The Horror Show that Just Won't Die Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy with Mike Smith   


Food Inc. follows in the footsteps of other modern campy horror flicks:
Splashy, escapist and horrifying for all the wrong reasons

The New Food Puritans Print E-mail

Why moralizing about food choices has replaced moralizing about sexual choices: A Truth in Food conversation with author Mary Eberstadt

Why a Rat is no Pig is no Dog is no Boy Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   


'Animal Rights' is an empty philosophy, and here's how farmers can expose its weaknesses to the light of truth: A Truth in Food conversation with author Wesley J. Smith

Tell Us a Tale, Katie Anne Print E-mail
Written by Mike Smith   


Tylan! and Keflex! and Bayer’s! Oh My!

Forget Liberal Bias. There’s a More Worrisome Threat Underlying BigMedia’s Attack on Antibiotics and Modern Farming

The Warriors Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   



This Turf is your Turf; this Turf is my Turf

The Ten Reasons they Hate you So (Part II) Print E-mail
Written by Mike Smith   


Confused over who's against you and why? More on the new-age philosophy behind today's resentment toward Big Farming.

The Ten Reasons they Hate you So Print E-mail
Written by Mike Smith   



Why can't we all just get along? Mike Smith sifts through the new-age philosophy behind today’s resentment toward Big Farming.

Losing the War of Words Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   



Why Today’s Farmer is Losing his Voice with the Consumer

Thou Shalt Not Kill (Animals)? Print E-mail
Written by Kevin Murphy   


Is this a blanket condemnation of food-animal production?



Reader Comments

  • I say that you need to open your bible again and read Exodus, where God gives the 10 Commandments and then to John. The tenth Commandments "thou shalt no covet is ONE commandment, NOT 2!!!! 13 Thou sh... More...
  • Leave the animals ALONE. Quit torturing them and murdering them so that you can become unhealthy. Leave the animals ALONE! You say they can attend to their "farms" in "pride". Yeah, pride. Killing and... More...
  • To those ethically void individuals that state what a person does with his/her animal is their business MORONS THE LINK BETWEEN THOSE WHO ABUSE ANIMALS AND THOSE WHO ABUSE PEOPLE IS UNDENIABLE THAT IS... More...
  • There are 20 different amino acids in the food we eat, but our body can only make 11 of them. The nine essential amino acids, which cannot be produced by the body, must be obtained from the diet. A va... More...
  • Dave -- You miss the point ! You say, "We are omnivorous an need an animal protein diet to live a healthy life ". I say, WHY were we so made ? ? ? . The Creator had full control and had the option to ... More...


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